Pricing for NesdaTrak ONLINE is based on a monthly rental per user. NesdaTrak ONLINE is invoiced monthly, one month in advance starting as low as $21.99/mth/user.

Setup fees

An initial set-up fee is required per site (location). This fee includes site configuration, setup user(s) with username and password, test access and introductory tutorial to login process. This is a onetime fee per site or location.


Users may be added to a current NesdaTrak ONLINE site or location at anytime. Initial setup fee not required.

NesdaTrak Add-Ons

Users may choose to take advantage of our NesdaTrak Add-ons. Our FundTyme Fundraising Integration Package is designed to maintain a complete history of donations including producing tax receipts.

Practical MIS provides you the ability to easily map data from your financial system and/or statistical system to the General Ledger Ministry of Health account numbers. Check out for more information. Use of these programs can be added to a user account for just $5/month/user.

Modules Cost + FundTyme + Practical MIS
Initial Setup fee $199.99(one-time fee) N/A N/A
3 Modules $23.99/mth/user $5.00/mth/user $5.00/mth/user
6 Modules $24.99/mth/user $5.00/mth/user $5.00/mth/user
9 Modules $26.99/mth/user $5.00/mth/user $5.00/mth/user
12 Modules $31.99/mth/user $5.00/mth/user $5.00/mth/user

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